4th Philosophy conference highlights 19th century philosophy

At the fourth annual conference, Lehigh hosted scholars from 22 universities across the U.S., as well as two philosophers traveling from universities overseas. The conference was organized by Lehigh’s Department of Philosophy.

The conference theme, "19th Century Philosophy: 1781-1905" reflects the strong emphasis in the philosophy department on the history of philosophy, said Robin S. Dillon, chairperson of the department.

“The 19th century is a major part of the history of philosophy,” said Dillon, who is the William Wilson Selfridge Professor of Philosophy. “The philosophical work done during this period is important not only in its own right, but also because of its influence on contemporary philosophy.”

While previously often ignored by later philosophers, said Dillon, contemporary thinkers now view 19th century philosophy as delivering important insights for overcoming recent divides in philosophy.

Two members of the philosophy department presented papers at the conference: Professor John Martin Gillroy spoke about Georg Hegel’s political theory and authority beyond the state, and Visiting Research Writing Fellow Filippo Casati gave a presentation on Alexius Meinong and "the dilemma of defective objects". Faculty members from Lehigh’s philosophy department and local colleges participated in the conference as session chairs and discussants with the visiting scholars.

Conference presentation addressed the themes of truth, logic, morality, political authority, art, free will, spirit, theodicy, racism, skepticism, death, alienation, optimism and love. The program will also include discussions of Immanuel Kant, Søren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche, John Stuart Mill, Ludwig Feuerbach, Henri Bergson, Charles Sanders Peirce, Johann Gottfried Herder, Arthur Schopenhauer and Henri Poincaré. The complete comference program is here.

Lydia Moland from Colby College, and Jacob Howland from the University of Tulsa were the conference’s keynote speakers.

The annual conference is made possible by the generosity of an anonymous Lehigh alumnus.

End Date: 
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 22:45