Mark Bickhard in 2021

In 2021, Professor Mark Bickhard has had the following publications:

  • Mirski, R., Bickhard, M. H.  (2021).  Conventional Minds: An interactivist perspective on social cognition and its enculturation.  New Ideas in Psychology, 62, 100856.
  • Allen, J. W. P., Bartuğ, C., Bickhard, M. H.  (2021).  Age 4 Transitions: Reflection as a domain-general development for explicit reasoning.  Cognitive Development, 59, 1-14, 101091.
  • Bickhard, M. H.  (2021).  Emergent Mental Phenomena.  In Clowes, R. W., Gärtner, K., Hipólito, I.  (Eds.)  The Mind-Technology Problem.  (49-63).  New York: Springer.

Professor Bickhard also gave the following talks:

  • Allen, J., Bickhard, M.  (2021).  Emergent Constructivism.  Jean Piaget Society, June 2.
  • Bickhard, M. H.  (2021).  Two Types of Constructivism: Atomism versus Emergent Representations Based on Actions.  Jean Piaget Society, June 4. 

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