Patrick Connolly 2021

In 2021 Professor Patrick Connolly recieved three awards and fellowships: 
  • A Summer Stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities
  • The Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and
  • The Paul J. Franz Jr. Faculty Fellowship from Lehigh University
Throught the year, Professor Connolly had published, or had accepted for publication:
  • "Causation and Gravitation in George Cheyne's Newtonian Natural Philosophy"  Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
  • "Susanna Newcome and the Origins of Utilitarianism"  Utilitas
  • "Quantity and Place in Thomas White's Eucharistic Metaphysics"  History of Philosophy Quarterly
He also had two book chapters released:
  • "Locke and Berkeley" in The Oxford Handbook of Berkeley
  • "Locke and Sergeant on Syllogistic Reasoning" in The Lockean Mind
In addition to his publications, Professor Connolly also gave several virtual talks. They included:
  • "How to do Lockean Physics"  John Locke Society Conference, CNR-ISPF, Naples
  • "How to do Lockean Physics"  Theoretical Philosophy Colloquium, Humboldt University of Berlin
  • "John Locke and the Facultative Self"  Human Abilities Center Jour Fixe, Berlin
  • "Newtonian Bodies: Dependence and Independence"  Theoretical Philosophy Conference, Humboldt University of Berlin
  • "Newtonian Bodies: Dependence and Independence"  British Society for the History of Science
  • "Newtonian Bodies: Dependence and Independence"  New York Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy
  • "Isaac Newton on the Nature of Substance"  Northwest Philosophy Conference
And finally, Professor Connolly created a new course offering for Lehigh University, Native American Philosophy. For more information about Professor Connolly, please see his faculty listing here