Professor Rolsyn Weiss awarded a 2021 Guggenheim Fellowship

Professor Rolsyn Weiss has been awarded a 2021 Guggenheim Fellowship (for more information please see their website: 


Professor Weiss will use this award to write her second book 0n Plato's Republic, this one will concern: Justice in Plato's Republic: The Lessons of Book I.


Socrates introduces in Book 4 of Plato’s Republic a novel account of justice, defining it as the harmonious cooperation of the parts of the city with one another, and of the parts of the soul with one another. In my view, the proper understanding of justice emerges not in Book 4 but in a series of conversations in Book 1 between Socrates and three successive interlocutors. Book 1 orients justice so that it faces outward. It concerns not the internal order of a city or person but how one city treats another, how a government relates to its citizens; how one person, out of regard for others, interacts with them. Justice as conceived in Book 1 thus serves as a prophylactic against Book 4's self-directed account.