Roslyn Weiss receives 3rd NEH Fellowship

Roslyn Weiss, Clara H. Stewardson Professor, received an NEH Fellowship for 2015-16 to translate Light of the Lord, by Hasdai Crescas. This massive 14th-Century work, only a few excerpts of which have thus far been translated into English, is a critical work in medieval Jewish Philosophy that challenges the fundamental assumptions of Aristotelian metaphysics, upon which many of the most prominent medieval Jewish, Muslim, and Christian philosophers and theologians constructed not only their view of the cosmos but also their conception of God and of God's relationship (or lack thereof) to the universe. Crescas replaces the God who is Intellect with a God of love and joy.

Professor Weiss previously received NEH Fellowships in 2010 and 1990. She was also awarded NEH Summer Stipends in 2015, 2007, 2001, and 1995.