Selfridge Lecture in Philosophy

The Selfridge Lectures


The Selfridge Lectures in Philosophy, the highlight of the Philosophy Department's annual series of events,  are made possible by the bequest of the late Charles W. MacFarlane, C.E. 1876, Ph.D. Freiburg 1893, LL.D. Lehigh 1922. Being deeply interested in Philosophy and Economics, Dr. MacFarlane left his entire estate to Lehigh University, directing that the income be used to maintain the MacFarlane Professorship of Theoretic Economics and the Selfridge Professorship of Pure Philosophy. William Wilson Selfridge was the father of Mrs. MacFarlane. Beginning in 1984, the Department of Philosophy designated part of the income for the Selfridge Professorship as support for this lecture series.


The Selfridge Lecturers


1984 - Gilbert Harman

1985 - Derek Parfit, "What We Do Together"

1986 - Donald Davidson, "The Myth of the Subjective"

1987- Daniel Dennett, "Human Consciousness and the Brain"

1988 - Alison M. Jaggar, "Love and Knowledge: Evolution in Feminist Epistemology"

1989 - Don Ihde, "New Technologies, Old Cultures"

1990 - Willard Van Orman Quine, "From Stimulus to Science"

1991 - Paul M. Churchland, "Perception, Understanding, and Action: A Neural Network Account"

1992 - Alexander Nehamas, "What Did Socrates teach and To Whom Did He Teach It?"

1994 - Lawrence M. May, "Integrity, Self, and Value Plurality"

1995 - Annette C. Baier, "Trust in a Cold Climate"

1995 - Jean-Francois Lyotard, "Political and Libidinal Economy at the Edge of the Millenium"

1997 - Jerry Fodor, "The Structure of Concepts: A Crisis in Cognitive Science"

1998 - Elliott Sober, "The Evolution of Psychological Altruism"

1999 - Edward Said, "Clash of Civilizations, or Definitions?"

2000 - Christine Korsgaard, "What's Wrong with Lying?"

2000 - Simon Blackburn, "Who's Afraid of Postmodernism?"

2002 - Jonathan Dollimore, "Art in Time of War"

2003 - Stanley Cavell, "Two Tales of Winter"

2004 - Lucius T. Outlaw (Jr.), "On Courage and Democratic Pluralism"

2004 - Joseph Margolis, "One and Only One Correct Interpretation"

2006 - Philip Kitche, "Science ain a Democratic Society"

2007 - Susan Wolf, "The Meanings of Lives"

2008 - Kwame Anthony Appiah, "Cosmopolitan Roots"

2009 - Stewart Shapiro, "An 'i' for an 'i': Singular Terms, Uniqueness, and Reference"

2010 - Claudia Card, "Evils, Inexcusable Wrongs, and the Death Penalty Debate in the U.S."

2011 - William C. Wimsatt, "Sultural Evolution: Beyond the meme"

2012 - Scott Soames, "Law, Language, and Legal Interpretation"

2013 - Roger Ames, "Confucian China in a Changing World Order"

2014 - Eckart Förster, "A Defense of Idealism"

2015 – Thomas E. Hill, Jr., "Lies, Torture, and Utopias"

2016 – Graham Priest, "Marxism & Buddhism: Not So Strange Bedfellows"