Selfridge Lecture Series

About the Selfridge Lecture Series

The Selfridge Lectures in Philosophy are made possible by the bequest of the late Charles W. MacFarlane, C.E. 1876, Ph.D. Freiburg 1893, LL.D. Lehigh 1922. Deing deeply intrested in philosophy and economics, Dr. Macfarlane left his entire estate to Lehigh University, directing that the infrome be used to maintain the MacFarlane Professorship or Theoretic Economics and the Selfridge Professorship of Pure Philosophy. William Wilson Selfridge was the father of Mrs. MacFarlane. Beginning in 1984, the Department of Philosophy designated part of the income from the Selfridge Professorship as support for the Selfridge Lecture Series. 


2022 Selfridge Lecture

The 2022 Selfridge Lecturer is Professor Stephen Mulhall  (University of Oxford)

Past Selfridge Lecturers

1984- Gilbert Harman
1985- Derek Parfit
1986- Donald Davidson
1987- Daniel Dennett
1988- Alison Jaggar
1989- Don Ihde
1990- WVO Quine
1991-Paul Churchland
1992- Alexander Nehamas
1993- Lawrence May
1994- Annette Baier
1995- Jean-Francois Lyotard
1996- Jerry Fodor
1997- Elliott Sober
1998- Edward Said
1999- Christine Korsgaard
2000- Simon Blackburn
2002- Jonathan Dollimore
2003- Stanley Cavell
2004- Lucius Outlaw
2005- Joseph Margolis
2006- Philip Kitcher
2007- Susan Wolf
2008- Kwame Anthony Appiah
2009- Stewart Shapiro
2010- Claudia Card
2011- William Wimsatt
2012- Scott Soames
2013- Roger Ames
2014- Eckart Förster
2015- Thomas Hill, Jr.
2016- Graham Priest
2017- Moshe Halbertal
2018- Richard Campbell
2019- Alan Brudner