Senior philosophy major honored at Lehigh Honors Convocation

Senior Philosophy major Brandyn Bok '16 was selected to represent outstanding academic achievement in the College of Business and Economics, where he is also majoring in economics, by giving a speech at the 37th annual Honors Convocation on April 8. Brandyn, who is also pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering (which makes him a triple major, triple degree student), paid tribute to those people who made the achievments of all the outstanding students, saying  “it’s impossible to think about what we’ve achieved so far at Lehigh without the tenacious support all around us. So let’s take a moment to thank everyone that’s been an integral part in motivating us to be our best: parents, families, friends, professors, advisers, coaches, and everyone else. Thank you—for believing in us when we faced failure, for giving us guidance to face our multiple mid-life crises as college students, and for being hard on us when we weren’t living up to our potential. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you.”  Brandyn also received the Bill Hardy Memorial Prize and the Richard E. Johnson Economics Prize.

Brandyn has been the President of the Lehigh chapter of Phil Sigma Tau, the philosophy honor society. He is currently finishing his senior thesis on the material conditions necessary to enabel all people to live flourishing lives, a project which draws together his passions for philosophy and for economics.

Congratulation, Brandyn!