Steven L. Goldman, Ph.D.
Lehigh University Philosophy - Steven L. Goldman
Professor Emeritus

Professor Goldman retired at the end of AY 2015-16.  While his teaching centered on the history, philosophy, and social relations of (natural) science and technology (on which he has created and will continue to offer online courses), his core research interest is the tension between the ideas of necessity and contingency in the Western intellectual tradition, from Plato versus the Sophists through skepticism versus rationalism to analytic philosophy versus pragmatism/continental philosophy. Professor Goldman explores this tension in publications ranging from philosophy to business.

Selected Publications

  • “Information, Innovation and Society”, in Technology and Psychological Wellbeing, edited by Y. Amichai Hamburger, Cambridge University Press, 2009.
  • “Next Generation Agility: Smart Business and Smart Communities”, in The Network Experience, P.H.M. edited by Vervest et al, Springer, 2008.
  • “Knowledge vs. Know-How”, Science and Spirit, May/June 2007.
  • Great Scientific Ideas, a 36 lecture audio/video course in the history of science for The Teaching Company, Chantilly, Virginia, 2007.
  • Science Wars: What Scientists Know And How They Know It, a 24 lecture audio/video course for The Teaching Company, Chantilly, Virginia, 2006.
  • “Why We Need a Philosophy of Engineering,”Interdisciplinary Science Review, June 2004.
  • The Sciences in the 20th Century, a 36-lecture audio/video course for The Teaching Company, Chantilly, Virginia, 2004.