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Political and Legal Philosophy 

Why Philosophy at Lehigh?

The Department of Philosophy at Lehigh asks the big questions that examine the nature of truth, of right and wrong, the essence of being, of freedom and social justice.

The study of philosophy helps you develop skills in critical thinking, sound reasoning and argumentation, objective evaluation, and clear and persuasive writing. Join a community where you study with internationally renowned faculty whose research and teaching expertise represents a wide variety of specializations. 

Our graduates go on to careers in a wide range of fields, such as law, medicine, business, education, journalism, government, marketing, religion, and public relations.

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Audience at Selfridge lecture.

Selfridge Lecture

The Selfridge Lecture brings a prominent scholar to Lehigh for one week.

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There are currently no upcoming or in-progress events. Check back later for more Philosophy Events or view past events.

Student Voices


Xavier Piccone

“I think there’s a real sense of community building in the department, and the few students who are passionate about the subject, along with the amazing department administration and professors, are helping make being a philosophy major at Lehigh something really special.”

Xavier Piccone

Philosophy Major
Lehigh University Center

Student Spotlight

Mary Grace Collins talks about being part of Lehigh's philosophy department, pursuing a philosophy major, and why she chose Lehigh. 

Mary Grace Collins

Philosophy and Political Science Double Major

Martin Heidegger

Heidegger and Being

Assistant Professor, Filippo Casati, examines Marin Heidegger's later work and defends an alternate interpretation of his wrestle with the notion of Being.

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From your professors and Lehigh advisers to your friends and teammates, Lehigh is a vibrant community where you can feel supported and encouraged. No matter where you come from, Lehigh is home.