Philosophy Alumni


Former Students: let us know what you've been doing since graduation!!!


Former Majors


2014: Keegan Nichols (department honors in philosophy); Danica Palacio (departmental honors in philosophy); Candice Travis (departmental honors in philosophy).


Keegan Nichols: MA in Philosophy at Georgia State University; Philosophy Instructor, Syracuse University.


Danica Palacio: Medical student at Temple University Mdical School.


Candice Travis: PhD in Political Theory at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


2012: Xavier Banegas; Mari Freedberg (departmental honors in philosophy); Cameron Lao-Gosney; Roman Lao-Gosney; Shannon Maloney; Peter Mangano; Daniel Maryanovich


2011: Darius Callier; Jared Frenzel-Sulyak; Zachary Gould; Sebastian Malavenda; Donasia Tillery (departmental honors in philosophy).


2010: Joshua Davidtz; Anthony Ferrizzi (departmental honors in philosophy); Alexander Haitos (departmental honiors in philosophy); Ann Rodriguez (departmental honors in philosophy); Brandon Sherman (departmental honors in philosophy); Deborah Streahle (departmental honors in philosophy).


Alex Haitos: Completed Ph.D. in philosophy at Texas A&M. 


Tony Ferrizzi is pursuing an MA in English at Kutztown University. He is a Deleuzean Free Jazz Guitarist; his first solo album Virginity 2014. available at:


Deborah Streahle is a Labor & Postpartum Doula in Bryan Texas.


2006: Brian Dunst, David Eck


Brian Dunst He emtered graduate school at the University of South Florida and earned an M.A.  in Philosophy in 2010 and a Ph.D. in Philosiophy in 2012. He is currently a faculty member at Jefferson College


Dave Eck: Completed his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Universityof South Florida in 2015 and is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Florida Gulf Coast University.